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MetroQuest 101 Training Series

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MetroQuest 101 Training Series

Become a MetroQuest expert and gain a solid understanding of our key features and enhance your online engagement experience!  


Session #1 - Survey Screen Fundamentals
May 31, 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern (30 minutes)  

Learn about the 14 types of Screens offered in MetroQuest, how they differ, and what they do best. Get the best tips on how to create a simple, visual, and effective survey.  


Session #2 - Studio Features and Key Settings
June 14, 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern (30 minutes) 

Let's review the basics of Survey Creation. This session will cover important settings and useful tools that will assist you in creating your outreach plan!


Session #3 - Survey Design with Screens
June 28, 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern (30 minutes) 

Gather insights for designing a Screen-based survey, discover how this process differs from form-based tools, and come away with tips for your next MetroQuest survey! 


Session #4 - Editor Feature and Key Settings
July 12, 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern (30 minutes) 

Explore our editing tools, which allow you to add videos, crop images, and adjust layout formats. Learn the best ways to create a survey that’s exciting to look at.  

Gerard Headshot

Gerard Penalosa

Customer Success Manager,

Gerard brings a creative approach in guiding customers to ensure successful surveys. He achieves this by reviewing the surveys through the lens of best practices and providing customer feedback. He has extensive technical experience working in various tech industries, and troubleshooting is second nature to him. Gerard's artistic eye allows him to visualize each customer's potential and support them with success in mind as he guides them in their public engagement path and journey with MetroQuest.

Emily Margitan, Customer Success Manager, MetroQuest

Emily Margitan

Customer Success Manager,

As a primary contact for a subset of MetroQuest customers, Emily collaborates with software users to help them achieve their survey and broader engagement goals. Prior to her current role, Emily worked in public consultation and strategic communications, developing engagement plans and surveys for large infrastructure projects across British Columbia. She enjoys working closely with project teams to help them make the most of their MetroQuest surveys and has a particular interest in survey data analysis.