August 2020

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[WEBINAR] Takeaways on Virtual Public Involvement and Engaging Environmental Justice Communities

Engaging with difficult-to-reach and underrepresented communities has always been a critical factor in public engagement and planning. But over the last few months, meaningful engagement has gained heightened consideration, with tensions in the U.S. leading to what Dave Biggs calls a ‘perfect storm’ for environmental justice. Trust in government is at the tail end of a decades long decline. In our recent webinar on Meaningful Engagement for...

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[MEET METROQUEST] Peter Millar, Vice President of Product

Today, I’m excited to introduce the leader of the product team: Peter Millar. With over 20 years of software experience under his belt, Peter joined MetroQuest at the end of 2019, and lends industry expertise and thought leadership to some of MetroQuest’s most important product development decisions. Check out my conversation with Peter below to learn more about his role, the current tech trends he’s...

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