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Engaging Vulnerable & Disadvantaged People in Planning

This video presents a series of case studies, best practices and tips to guide project leaders that are attempting to involve vulnerable and disadvantaged members of their community. The best public involvement is inclusive and increasingly it is being enforced as a requirement of planning efforts. You’ll learn about award-winning projects that successfully leveraged innovative digital tools to engage disadvantaged communities.

Comments from Attendees

“Great presentation. Thanks very much for sharing. Engaging the EJ community is always a big challenge and this info really helps our planning and engagement teams.”
“I had a chance to review this presentation and it was great! Lots of great ideas. :-)”
“Best wishes and thank you for creating this great resource.”


Some call it Environmental Justice, others Title VI. Regardless of what jurisdiction you are in, the calls for broader and more inclusive public engagement are likely mounting. At the same time, technology is changing the way we communicate. In response, the use of online public engagement is rapidly expanding, whether it’s on your laptop at home, kiosks in the community center or the smartphone in your pocket. However, when it comes to engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged people the question is – does technology help or hinder? This webinar presented best practices and case study examples of projects that have successfully leveraged technology to engage some of the most difficult to reach citizens.

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