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This year at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting I had the honor of joining a panel of experts to speak on the topic of community engagement in the age of mobile technology. Apparently the topic caught people’s attention. Despite being one of the final session at the conference, the turnout was excellent and the Q&A was lively. The session was co-sponsored by the Standing Committee on Public Involvement in Transportation (ADA60) and the Standing Committee on Environmental Justice in Transportation (ADD50). If you aren’t a member already, please consider joining these great groups.

I gave a presentation called, “The Final Frontier: Engaging the Vulnerable & Disadvantaged.” You’ll find the recording from the session as well as some additional materials and links mentioned during the session below.

Full Webinar Recording

The session presented above was a shortened version of a very popular 45-minute webinar held earlier. You can watch the full session, read the Q&A and view the additional resources here.

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Dave is the Chief Engagement Officer of MetroQuest and an internationally-recognized author and public engagement strategist focusing on the use of software tools to enhance community participation for planning projects.

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