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Optimizing Online Engagement featuring MetroQuest

MetroQuest has earned its place as the most widely used community engagement software in large part because of the exceptional results that agencies and firms have been able to achieve – unprecedented levels of participation, informed public input and actionable results. Whether you are interested in trying MetroQuest for the first time or are already [...]

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NCDOT Launches Unique Online Portal for STIP

You can help make this the most extensive outreach in the state's history. Please participate and share with your networks and contacts throughout the state before it closes at 5 pm on July 22nd.  Check out NCDOT Portal This unique portal complements the more traditional public meetings in an [...]

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Tip of the Iceberg: Seeking Real Accessibility in Community Engagement

Ensuring that community engagement opportunities are open to all residents is not only the law, it's also good for planning. Incorporating a diversity of viewpoints improves plans, facilitates implementation, and frankly leads to better communities that meet the needs of all residents. Unfortunately too often the accessibility discussion doesn't get out of first gear. [...]

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Announcing MetroQuest Insights

A New Window into Your Public Input The MetroQuest development team has been busy this summer making many improvements to our community engagement software platform. We’ve been listening to the needs of our clients and over the past few months we’ve completely revamped the way our clients get the results of their public engagement. Introducing [...]

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Presentation Video: Summit on Public Consultation & Engagement

MetroQuest was honored to be included in the program of the 4th Annual Summit on Public Consultation & Engagement in Toronto on November 5-6, 2014. The event brought together a wide range of public engagement experts and a diverse range of delegates from the public and private sectors. We hope you enjoy this recording [...]

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The Evolution of the Scenario

Scenarios aren’t new but they certainly have evolved. While the concept of scenario planning can be traced back to the military, planners have been using scenarios for decades. In a nutshell, scenario planning involves creating a variety of possible alternative futures and using them to inform dialog about choices and then ideally, decision making. It’s [...]

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MetroQuest vs. MindMixer – Choosing the Right Tool at the Right Time

Project leaders are faced with challenging decisions when designing community involvement approaches for planning projects. In some situations, online engagement can provide a cost-effective alternative or complement to traditional forms of engagement. Choosing the most appropriate online tool to meet the needs of the project can be difficult since many tools seem similar. MetroQuest and [...]

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