The Wisdom of Engaging Nervous Cyclists

It was clear to the City of Toronto that engaging less confident cyclists that make up 60% of the population, yet seldom come to community meetings, might be the key to dramatic mode shifts in the city. Here's how it happened. One of my favorite tasks is interviewing clients to prepare a case study. [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Engage a Citizen?

It’s surprising how seldom we see a breakdown of the cost of public participation across multiple channels or tactics. These breakdowns give a unique window into community engagement that can be extremely useful to agencies trying to create engagement plans and realistic budgets to meet their outreach goals. That’s why we were so surprised when [...]

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VIA Metropolitan Transit Uses MetroQuest for Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan

VIA Metropolitan Transit is using MetroQuest in support of “Vision 2040,” a planning process to update the agency’s Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the greater San Antonio region. Using MetroQuest for their engagement process will let the community have their say in the future of public transportation in their area. “Vision 2040 is a [...]

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moveDC – APA 2015 National Planning Excellence Award

Award-Winning Project Uses MetroQuest to Engage Their Community By 2040, the District of Columbia is projected to have more than 900,000 residents and 1 million jobs. moveDC, the District's Multimodal Long-Range Transportation Plan, is a blueprint for how the district can support tremendous growth through investments in all modes of transportation including transit, biking, walking, [...]

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Boosting Staff Enthusiasm with Stories

It all came together for me at the Rail~Volution conference in Minneapolis. Is your organization like ours with a select few traveling the world collecting and sharing stories about your work while the rest of the staff remain at home relatively isolated? I travel and collect stories. I find that they recharge my batteries and reinforce [...]

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