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6 Benefits of Digital Community Engagement

You may be wondering – what’s all the fuss about online engagement tools? Don’t the traditional methods work just fine? Digital tools have a few key advantages over traditional methods of public engagement. Here are six of the most common benefits of online engagement that we hear from organizations: 1. Increased quantity of participants Typically [...]

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How to Create a Compelling Brand for Your Project

Good branding makes people excited to get involved and will garner more interest and sharing on social media networks. Good brands get recognized and spread – bad brands don’t. So what makes for a good brand? Clarity Explicitly communicate what’s in it for them. Be memorable and make things easy to understand. Use plain English [...]

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Leveraging Social Networks to Increase Online Engagement

As an online engagement software company, we recognize that social media is one of the most useful tools out there for promoting your project and increasing engagement. Since these platforms are free the only real cost is time. By following best practices and using tools and techniques to increase productivity, social media can lead to [...]

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July Webinar

What do the best public engagement projects have in common? Not all projects attract huge numbers of participants online, but it turns out that the ones that do all share some common characteristics. After reviewing hundreds of municipal, MPO, DOT and TPO projects, we have compiled a set of best practices as a guide [...]

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June Webinar

Can online engagement help reach the Environmental Justice and traditionally underrepresented populations? The EPA’s Environmental Justice (EJ) requirement calls for the meaningful involvement of people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income. At the same time, technology is changing the way we communicate. In response, the use of online public engagement is rapidly expanding, [...]

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10 Tips on How to Promote Public Participation

Strategies to Drive Engagement for Your Project The movie ‘Field of Dreams’ got one thing wrong. When it comes to public participation, the adage “if you build it they will come” is terribly naïve. In the online world, many people think if they launch a web tool, everyone will come flocking. Veterans in the business [...]

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How to Engage the Environmental Justice Community

8 Tips to Help You Reach Targeted Populations It’s no secret - the best public involvement is inclusive and increasingly it is being enforced as a requirement of planning efforts. Agencies around the world each have their own way of describing inclusiveness. In the US the EPA’s term is Environmental Justice (EJ) or Title VI. [...]

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Beyond the Opposition – How to Engage the Moderates

I think we can agree that the types of people who show up to public meetings are not very representative of the general population. This observation raises an important question. When we design our public engagement process, who should we be targeting? The keenest and most motivated participants are easy. They will show up no [...]

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Why Online Engagement Means Lower Project Costs

Increase engagement and save time and money with higher returns Public engagement budgets seem to be shrinking while expectations are heading in the other direction. Now that some of the online engagement tools have reached maturity, they can be the most cost-effective way to meet your community engagement targets. It’s no secret that traditional public [...]

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