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Meet MetroQuest – Mike Walsh, Chief-Executive-Officer

Welcome to the first of our new blog series entitled “Meet MetroQuest!” In this series, we’ll introduce the exceptional people who make up the MetroQuest team. We’re passionate about online public engagement, leading edge government technology, and delivering the best solutions to ensure citizens are involved in the planning of great cities. This blog series is [...]

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MetroQuest Celebrates TRB Winner – Congratulations MnDOT!

Every year, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) searches for the best public involvement case studies for it’s popular “John and Jane Q. Public Competition.” This year, we are thrilled to share that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has taken home the grand prize for their innovative public involvement work on their Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan and the Minnesota 20-Year State Highway Investment Plan!   The agency used MetroQuest for online public engagement [...]

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[Webinar] Optimizing Online Engagement with MetroQuest

After a series of highly successful educational webinars on best practices for online community engagement many attendees have requested a closer look at the MetroQuest software. By popular demand, we’re happy to offer this 30 minute on-demand webinar recording that explores:The challenges with traditional public engagement,The top public engagement outcomes that MetroQuest is optimized to [...]

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[Webinar] A Winning Public Involvement Approach for LRTPs

Engaging the public to support a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is challenging for even seasons planning and public engagement teams. This unique webinar explores these challenges and presents a detailed case study and summary of best practices to help agencies achieve unprecedented community engagement results. You’ll join Trevor Layton, Christina Ignasiak, and Trevor [...]

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[Webinar] Facing Contention ~ How to Detox Public Engagement

If you looking are you looking for effective ways to collect meaningful and constructive public input for controversial projects this webinar is for you. Tuesday, January 30th 11 am Pacific | 12 pm Mountain | 1 pm Central | 2 pm Eastern Register Now Details Jeanette Janiczek from the City of Charlottesville with Jonathan Whitehurst [...]

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Citizen Engagement a Top 5 Priority for Digital Cities

What’s at the top of the IT agenda for digital cities? Each year, the Digital Cities Survey reveals where cities, both large and small, are making tech investments to improve citizen services. This year, “citizen engagement / experience” ranked high on the list, in second place after cybersecurity for local government CIOs. Details For [...]

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[Webinar] Mastering Online Public Engagement for LRTPs

If you looking for cost-effective ways to engage the public for Long Range Transportation Planning (LRTP) projects this webinar is for you. Mastering Online Public Engagement for LRTPs Thursday, December 7 11 am Pacific | 12 pm Mountain | 1 pm Central | 2 pm Eastern Register Now Details Join Bob Brendal from [...]

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My First PechaKucha: Engagement…Optimized

Have you ever done a PechaKucha presentation? It’s a unique twist on the traditional PowerPoint. Presenters are limited to 20 slides and the slides advance automatically every 20 seconds, ready or not! The result is a 7-minute whirlwind. There are inevitable moments of humor and the pace is energizing. I did my first one [...]

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The Wisdom of Engaging Nervous Cyclists

It was clear to the City of Toronto that engaging less confident cyclists that make up 60% of the population, yet seldom come to community meetings, might be the key to dramatic mode shifts in the city. Here's how it happened. One of my favorite tasks is interviewing clients to prepare a case study. [...]

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Best Practices for Mobile Community Engagement

This year at the 2017 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting I had the honor of joining a panel of experts to speak on the topic of community engagement in the age of mobile technology. Apparently the topic caught people’s attention. Despite being one of the final session at the conference, the turnout was excellent [...]

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