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AECOM trusts MetroQuest on major planning projects across the United States.

We help firms:

  • Increase Participation

  • Collect Informed Input

  • Build Support for Your Projects

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“The cost of using MetroQuest was about 15-25% of the cost of our traditional public meetings and we had 10 times more people participate.”

Scott Gero
Scott Gero
Associate Vice-President of Transportation (Georgia), AECOM

“After using MetroQuest for our project and seeing the results it was clear to everyone that it is a great low risk way to improve project awareness and participation.”

Amy Canfield
Project Manager, AECOM

“MetroQuest is the first online tool I’ve seen that incorporates all of the different elements of a public engagement process into one program and does it well.”

Theresa Gunn
President, International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) USA

Recent Projects with AECOM

North Broadway Corridor

Client – City of Chicago
AECOM Office – Chicago, IL
Reference Contact – Jen McNeil
Project link

Connect Greater Washington, 2040 Regional Transit Plan

Client – Washington Metro
AECOM Office – Arlington, VA
Reference Contact – Mark Niles
Project link

Cook County 2040, Long Range Transportation Plan

Client – Cook County
AECOM Office – Chicago, IL
Reference Contact – Jim Meyer
Project link

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